Woman that caught me peeping on her ass

I recently watched a funny video about peeping on Youtube and it actually reminded me of one similar situation I had on the beach with my girlfriend and I’m going to tell (and show) you everything about it. My girlfriend didn’t react like the woman in the video but she was definitely displeased about my habit of watching the other hot women from further away.

Peeping on hot woman that sunbathes in her thong

Let me tell you, it is much easier to peep on a girl from the other apartment than it is on the beach, simply because you can’t hide your camera properly and you can easily get busted while making the creepshot. My girlfriend was with me on the lake since it was her day off and we decided to have a swim and relax under the sun. I was barely beginning to peep on this awesome woman’s ass in thong bikini while she is sunbathing, when my girlfriend noticed what I’m doing. She rolled her eyes at me but she didn’t make a fuss about it.

Hot woman lying down on the towel
I noticed her as soon as we found our spot on the grass
Peeping on hot moment when she pulls the thong out of her ass crack
She looks very sexy while she pulls the bikini out of her ass crack
Hot milf wiping herself with a towel after taking a swim
She covers her ass while she wipes the water after swimming

So yeah, I kept the camera rolling and recording that fit tanned ass under the sun. I managed to make some awesome photos and even a video of her while she enjoys the lakeside. I even caught her when she was fresh out of the lake, still wet from swimming, as you’ll see further down.

Voyeur peeps on hot woman's ass while she suntans by the lake
Smooth skin of her tight ass is outstanding to peep on
Amazing tight ass in thong bikini spotted by voyeur on the lake
Full sight of her ass when she rolls around on the towel
Squat pose of hot woman when she went out of water after swimming
This is probably the best pose I caught her in by the lake

All was going well (maybe even too well) and creepshot of her fabulous ass was getting better and better, at least until the busted moment happened, when she caught me in action, with my camera pointed steadily at her.

Hot woman caught me looking and filming her ass

In a way, I got busted two times while making this voyeur porn video. First it was my girlfriend that caught me looking at that fine ass and then by the woman attached to that very same ass, so to say. She gave a very puzzled look in my direction and I had to pretend I’m looking elsewhere and recording something else with my camera. I’m very lucky that neither of them overreacted about the whole situation. Let me tell, you, it was really awkward, but luckily, my girlfriend knows that I’m a horny dog that likes to check out everything.

Hot woman notices that a voyeur is looking at her and filming her
Awkward moment when she saw me looking and filming her

So, to sum it up, I learned that beach spying isn’t all that simple and that I should limit my voyeurism to streets, homes and such, because I’m already an expert at it. With all that in mind, this didn’t even turn out all that bed. I got what I wanted regarding peeping on this unknown woman and my girlfriend received one more confirmation that I’m a horny ass lover of all girls that happen to be near me.

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