Sneaky photos of naked chubby girlfriend

This chubby girlfriend is pretty aware of her body and she doesn’t like posing naked for pictures, or posing for pictures in general, at least until she loses weight. That is why her boyfriend had to become a voyeur for the day to snap some photos of her curvy nakedness. They just had sex and she is about to get dressed and leave so he used those moments to photograph her naked without her knowledge.

Chubby girlfriend naked in the room
That sure is a thick naked girlfriend

Girlfriend is still naked and prepares to get dressed

She looks charming when she parades through the room, butt naked and looking for her scattered clothes. He is just lying on the bed and chatting her up while trying to sneak a photo here and there when she isn’t looking. She got insanely big boobs and a very hot hourglass body shape. She is certainly hot enough not to be ashamed of her naked body. Any voyeur can confirm that if she needs an ego boost.

Side view of girlfriend's big tits while she puts her panties on
Nice side view of her gigantic boobs
Busty girlfriend prepares to put her panties on
Yummy tits look splendid from side point of view

Girlfriend’s big naked ass photographed without her knowledge

Probably the best photo that her tricky boyfriend managed to take is the one when she turned towards the window and unknowingly exposed her entire big naked ass. I would bet anything that such a gigantic ass looks majestic in a doggy style sex pose and who knows, some day her boyfriend just might provide those pictures too.

Unaware girlfriend's big naked ass
This definitely looks lovely in doggy style pose

All in all, we can thank this fellow voyeur for sending the photos of his big girlfriend and we congratulate him on fucking that big ass for as much as he wants. Her entire body probably shakes like jello when a hard dick is going in and out of her pussy (and asshole, for that matter). Will he ever manage to make a voyeur video as well? Who knows, I sure hope he will.

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